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We believe that people can improve their lives using innovative technology; this has become the Tamad core value.

Tamad came out of pure necessity. Edward, Tamad Founder was going to a meeting and was trying to figure out how to give his recipient a 10 minute heads up so they weren’t ant delays when he arrived. He pre-typed an SMS saying “10 minutes away” then thought, if only it could automatically send at the correct distance.

When the concept was documented and detailed studies conducted, the early results pointed towards professionals as the largest potential beneficiaries of such an application.

The Tamad team began to form around the vision that this simple technological solution can impact the lives of millions of people across the globe. The team includes highly qualified software engineers with experience in small apps as well as large scale multinational and government systems.

Our current success so far had been due to a clear vision and a skilled team. We’ve been finalists for 2 of the most competitive Business Technology Awards and named App/Tech business of the week by Business News in July 2016.