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If you must travel meet people for whatever reason, then Tamad is for you.

With technology being a major driving force in business today, staying up to date with productivity technology is more important than ever before in keeping competitive.

The Tamad application has amazing functionality that applies to hundreds of industries and provides benefits to professionals that regularly meet clients or colleagues.

• Reminds your clients/colleagues that you’re coming
• Tells your clients/colleagues exactly when you’ll arrive
• You don’t have to use your phone while you drive


Meeting clients or colleagues, they’ll love this. Getting a head up will benefit them as much as you. You won’t have to sit and wait again.

Perfect if you want to start an appointment promptly so you can fit in all the discussion points and move on to the next one.

• Sales reps
• Real-estate agents
• Mortgage brokers
• Home visit doctors


If you have a job that requires gaining access to a site and you don’t want to stand around knocking or calling the responsible parties, then you have a winning tool in Tamad.

Perfect if you have a lot of jobs lined up so you want very little delays so you can finish on-time for once.

• Plumbers
• Electricians
• Phone/Internet Installers
• Handymen


Any application that involves travel and contact with a person can benefit from Tamad functionality. Designed to easily integrate with whatever you dream up.

As the Internet of Things revolution continues to advance, more and more devices are linked to the internet.

• Integrated GPS Systems
• Drone couriers
• Long distance travel
• Alternative transportation

Get in touch today to see how Tamad can benefit your business needs.