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The Tamad architecture and algorithms in the background are a little complicated, but you won’t notice because the process is very simple.


In an operational capacity, all we need from your end is;
• Clients phone number
• Clients address
• Order in which deliveries will be made
This data is often available from a batching application which can be synchronised via the Tamad Online Portal. If you don’t use a batching application, the data can be entered directly into the portal.


The Tamad Portal is an online platform where you administrator can manage your account. From here a user can;
• Add/remove drivers
• Import or create routes
• Customise messages sent to clients
• Add/remove functionality
• Review accounts
The portal can be a fantastic tool in getting the best response from clients and ensuring drivers have the best chance of completing deliveries with minimal delays.


The Tamad API is out cloud based engine that links all the applications together is a seamless way.
Tamad are received in a fraction of a second after being triggered thanks to the excellent architectural design and engineering of the Tamad team. The API conducts several operations including;
• Receives instructions from the portal and creates a Tamad
• Uses a driver’s device as a locator to know when the driver is at a selected ETA
• At a selected ETA, the API transmit the message via SMS gateway or phone carrier
• Manages stages of Tamads i.e. create, storage, standby, expiry.


Used as a beacon to establish where the driver is relative to the client. When at a selected distance, the Tamad App on the device informs the API.

Drivers have the option to use the App as a GPS routing application showing them the most efficient route to the destination considering real-time traffic Data.

The Tamad process is automated but via the client App a driver has the option to;
• Change routes
• Add/remove stops and clients
• Choose not to notify a client
Changes made via an App are flagged in the portal allowing an admin to review and adjust to further improve routes and notifications.


Sending notifications via SMS or phone call ensures that a client will always receive a message regardless of having and internet connection or the Tamad app installed.