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An Australian full-time courier driver makes between 50 and 100 deliveries daily.

Tamad conducted case studies with courier drivers from 2 companies and averaged the results.
• 60 total daily deliveries
• 45 deliveries successful
• 15 deliveries unsuccessful

Here’s the major money burner; undelivered packages had to be redelivered the next day. So instead to filling the van with all new packages, the previous day’s excess was added to the route.

Inefficiencies like this are what we want to help you cut down.


Delivery drivers have major delays or failed deliveries at least 25% of their scheduled destinations because;
• Clients are not ready
• No access to site
• No one to receive the package

Up to 25% failed deliveries.


Every client on route is notified of as driver is on route. With a strategically timed reminder, a client can;
• Be ready and waiting
• Ensure site is accessible
• Ensure someone is waiting

Up to 10 % Failed deliveries. Improvement of 15% within the same route.


Tamad for Business

The premise is simple; we want to help your drivers make up to 15% more deliveries each month in the same time frame thus improving your bottom line. Save Time to Make Money.

We do this by automatically notifying every one of your clients of when your drivers will be arriving with a package so that they’re ready and waiting.

In the business portal, your admin will be able to add/remove drivers and subscribe to receive additional functionality and manage your account.

Side effects include improved customer experience and improved road safety.